Year in WordPress sketch

I took the data from the ‘A Year in WP’ site and used it to set rules for this sketch.

  • I got the total contribution stats for this year from Aaron Jorbin’s post: 2967. I wanted a repeat maximum number and figured this was a good one to use. Ideally I’d have one with comments to make it balance.
  • I got my own number (383 (including comments)) Note: I should get comments to truly make this representative but being liberal here.
  • I also added in my 3 wordcamps as a second data point, spacing out by the amount of days in year.
  • I used the Pantone colors of the year from 2016 to represent this.

An explanation of an exploration

Over the years I’ve produced less and less art for just the sake of creation. This site is about my rediscovering this. My art a long time ago used to be physical, over the years I have become more digital and I noticed I was producing less and less art. I wanted to change this, so I’ve decided to create this sketchbook and explore with more regularity creating purely digital art.

I am only setting myself a few rules in this to try and keep the flow going. Each week I have to create something and post at least once. I also am going to post works in progress, notes and experiments. A true sketchbook has a combination of all things and that’s what this is going to be. I used to love my sketchbooks when studying art and I hope through creating this one I get back into that practice.

New tools

I’ve for a while been in admiration of Generative art and I wanted to take this opportunity to learn Processing as part of my sparking the creative process. I want to also be open to using new tools and methods whilst exploring. I’m excited to discover new methods of working.

So it begins.